DRK8080     X80     Sputnik     i90   

   [P/N: MGL5128] 128x64 Graphic LCD Module   
   [P/N: CAM3908] Mini Color Camera Head   
   [P/N: MAC5310] Audio Codec and Audio Power Amplifier Module   
   [P/N: PMS5005] Robot Sensing and Motion Controller   
   [P/N: PMB5010] Robot Multimedia Controller   
   [P/N: WFS802g] WiFi 802.11g serial module with antenna   
   [P/N: WFS802b] WiFi 802.11b serial module with antenna   
   [P/N: MCB3100] Serial Bluetooth Wireless Module [Discontinuation]    
   [P/N: MCB3101] Class I Serial Bluetooth Wireless Module [Discontinuation]    
   [P/N: MDM5253] DC Motor Driver Module with Position and Current Feedback   
   [P/N: MRS3302] Rotary Sensor Module   
   [P/N: DUR5200] Ultrasonic Range Sensor Module   
   [P/N: DTA5102] Two-Axis Tilt and Acceleration Sensor Module   
   [P/N: DHM5150] Pyroelectric Human Motion Sensor Module   
   [P/N: GP2Y0A21YK] Sharp IR Distance Measuring Sensor   
   [P/N: FSR400] Force Sensing Resistor   
   [P/N: DAT5280] Ambient Temperature Sensor Module   
   [P/N: PVS1A103A01R00] Rotary Sensor   
   [P/N: DCP3011] Digital Compass Module   

   [P/N: FSR400] Force Sensing Resistor Integration Guide   
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