3D Mouse Arm Manipulation 720x480   320x240
Drawing "Cars" 720x480   320x240
Wandering 720x480   320x240

   Auto Docking and Charging 720x480   320x240
Autonomous Patrol and Door Entry 720x480   320x240
Playing Drum 720x480   320x240
Serving 720x480   320x240
Teach and Learn 720x480   320x240
Serve a Drink 720x480   320x240

   Sentinel3 Autonomous Navigation 640x320    
Sentinel3 Auto-Docking and Recharging 640x320    
Sentinel3 Tele-Operation With Collision Avoidance 640x320    

   Sentinel2 Autonomous Navigation 640x320   320x240
Sentinel2 Auto-Docking and Recharging 640x320   320x240
Sentinel2 Constellation Navigation (GPS) 640x320   320x240

   Sputnik Movie 1 640x320    
Sputnik Movie 2 640x320    
  Sputnik Movie 3 640x320    
  Sputnik Movie 4 640x320    
  Sputnik Movie 5 640x320    
  Sputnik Movie 6 640x320    

   X80 Movie 640x320    

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