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Dr Robot provides a variety of services to clients seeking automation and robotic solutions to industrial or commercial applications. We develop and integrate hardware, software and IT services into complete solutions to meet your goals.

We offer a full spectrum of services from consulting and design to fabrication and assembly, and, in advance of any proposal, we work closely with potential clients to tailor a package that meets their particular needs. For those requiring complete solution development and implementation, we provide full turnkey contracts and offer post-deployment support services. Dr Robot can fulfill an OEM role for enterprises seeking complete robots or robotic components for larger systems, and we provide end-to-end manufacturing services for contracts demanding production in large quantity.

 Entertainment Film TV

Traditional prop houses typically donít possess robotic experience, even if they provide animatronic models, and when mechanical props become complex, producers can find out the hard way that a prop house canít turn a concept into a working model. Dr Robot offers studios and production companies robotic solutions when conventional mechanical approaches are insufficient or not cost/schedule-effective. We work directly with directors and screenwriters to develop robot-based props that enable them to achieve their vision, and provide on-set staff as needed. Please direct inquiries to

 Security Surveillance Monitoring

Dr Robot is one of the very few companies in the world providing robot-based monitoring solutions, and stands out as the only one offering autonomously patrolling robots at a unit price under $4000. Our design engineers honed their skills designing hardware for space launch, and theyíve brought to Dr Robot the practice of reducing each element to its core function and subsequently merging it with others wherever possible to yield streamlined, multifunctional devices. Maximum efficiency and flexibility are the goals of our design, and the result are systems that donít have the redundancies typically found in conventional mobile robots. For our clients seeking patrolling robots, it means a spending a tenth of what they would elsewhere to deploy a single robot Ėor, conversely, deploying an entire troop of robots for what would otherwise cover the cost of just one.

Our design philosophy doesnít stop there, though. We work with clients individually and tailor our robot design for their needs. This might involve selecting the right sensors for a particular application, or adding specialty hardware or even altering a robotís form factor to accommodate existing space constraints. We recognize that not all clients have the same needs, but every client has a budget, and we approach each project with this in mind.

 Research Consulting Special Application

Research and prototype robots have been a mainstay of Dr Robotís work since the companyís inception. Research labs and universities alike have either bought our base models or called with a special request for a robot to serve in a unique project role. Over the past five years, we have built and shipped custom-built robots and application hardware to public and private researchers around the world. Likewise, Dr Robot has provided consulting services to manufacturers seeking advances in automation and consumer electronics companies in need of assistance with product design.

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