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X80 WiFi Mobile Robot Development Platform with integrated Laser Rangefinder
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X80 with integrated Opti-Logic RS100 Laser Rangefinder.

The Opti Logic RS100 Industrial Rangefinder unit is laser range finder that outputs measured distance readings to an RS-232 compatible port. Range finder data then can be output from Opti-Logic RS 100 Industrial laser range-finder as either raw (relative) or calibrated (actual) distances. This information can then be used in several applications. OptiLogic RS-100 Industrial Laser Rangefinder is a great pre-made laser rangefinder to fit your needs and Opti Logic RS100 Industrial Rangefinder is also part of family of Opti-Logic Industrial laser range finders that are made to fit almost any project you will deal with.

Included Main Modules:
Specifications for Opti-Logic RS100 Industrial Laser Range-Finder:
Communications: Characters
Protocol RS232 - 8, N, 1 (no handshaking)
Baud Rate 19200
Connections Transmit, Receive, and Ground Wires
Data Raw Counts ~200Hz
Data Calibrated Range ~10Hz
Data Rate: ~200Hz raw counts for un-calibrated operation;
~ 10Hz for calibrated operation
Calibrated Range Units: Feet, Meters, Yards
Laser Class I (eye-safe), 905nm +/- 10nm
Power: 7-9VDC conditioned required
Current draw @ full power (~ 1.8W)
Range 100 Yards (Minimum 4 Yards)
Laser Wavelength 905nm +/- 10nm
Laser Divergence: Vertical Axis -- 3.5mrad half-angle divergence;
Horizontal Axis -- 1mrad half-angle divergence;
(Approximate Beam "footprint" at 100m is 35cm x 5cm)
Accuracy: +/- 1m on 1x1m2 diffuse target with 50% reflectivity
Resolution 0.2m
Dimensions: 32x78x84mm
Weight: < 8oz
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