[ P/N: WHW8040]

Animated Head System w/ Camera, Servo & Multimedia Controller Board and WiFi
   - [P/N: WHW8040]

US$ 1750

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This WHW8040 is fully assembled and is ready to use. It comes with 5 servos, Camera module[P/N:MCI3908], Multimedia Controller[P/N:PMB5010], Servo Controller[P/N:PMS5000], WiFi Module[P/N:WFS802b] and WiRobot Software.

  • Measurement

  • Included Main Modules:
    WHD8010Animated Head System1
    PMB5010Multimedia Controller 1
    PMS5000Servo Controller 1
    WFS802bWiFi 802.11b serial module with antenna1
    MCI3908Color Image Module with Camera1
    BAS810080hm 1W Speaker1
    MAC5310Audio Codec and Audio Power Amplifier Module1
    SAM5247Uni-directional Electret Microphone1
    MCR3210RS232 Interface Module1
    CCR2150RS232 Cross-over Serial Cable1
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