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DC Motor Driver Module with Position and Current Feedback
   - [P/N: MDM5253]

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The MDM5253 DC Motor Driver Module with Position and Current Feedback is a three-channel H-bridge switching power amplifier board. It can be directly controlled by motion controller’s logic level PWM driving signal at a frequency up to 20 KHz. For the three independent channels, the MDM5253 also contains the built-in current feedback and connectors for position sensors such as precise potentiometers. Each channel is able to drive inductive DC load with current up to 5.0 A with the operating voltage ranging from 5.0 V to 28.0 V.

  • 5.0 V to 28.0 V operation voltage
  • Up to 5.0 A inductive DC load capability
  • 5.0 V TTL/CMOS compatible Inputs
  • PWM frequencies up to 20 kHz
  • Automatic PWM over-current limiting
  • Output short circuit protection
  • Over-temperature output current reduction with shutdown
  • Under-voltage shutdown
  • Analog output current feedback
  • Connectors for angular position feedbacks
  • Directly plug-on to the PMS5005 sensing and motion controller board
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