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Digital Compass Module
   - [P/N: DCP3011]

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The DCP3011 compass module has been specifically designed for use in robots as an aid to navigation. The aim was to produce a unique number to represent the direction the robot is facing. The compass uses the Philips KMZ51 magnetic field sensor, which is sensitive enough to detect the Earths magnetic field. The output from two of them mounted at right angles to each other is used to compute the direction of the horizontal component of the Earths magnetic field.

  • High Resolution: 0.1 Degree
  • Voltage: 5v only required
  • Current: 20mA Typical
  • Accuracy: 3-4 degrees approx. after calibration
  • Plug-and-play in the WiRobot system
  • Downloadable Document(s):
  •  User Manual
  •  Demo Program (Visual Basic Version)
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