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Wireless/Internet Remote Monitoring Robot with Indoor (Vision-Landmark) GPS and Auto-Recharging
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Sentinel3 is a wireless networked autonomous mobile robot platform, featuring 24 x7 collision-free autonomous navigation, vision-landmark localization sensor(indoor GPS), autonomous docking and recharging, high resolution pan-tilt-zoom color camera (max 704x480, 10X optical zoom), two-way audio, tele-operation and remote monitoring. Sentinel3 is built with durable aluminum chassis; with payload capacity over 15Kg at the body weight under 6kg.

Key Features

  • Navigation and Localization providing collision-free point-to-point autonomous navigation. The vision-landmark base indoor localization (indoor GPS, position/orientation) sensor and the landmarks together provides precise position and direction information covering every inch of the floor.
  • Auto-Docking and Recharge Station ensuring 24x7 continuous operation and self docking/recharging capability without human assistance. (2 hour fast charge)
  • Fully Wireless Networked Sentinel3 running on standard WiFi, IEEE802.11 b/g wireless. (802.11A, 802.11N and extended range antenna options are available on request)
  • OS Independent Application Development Tools allow simple motion and sensor control command and full support of high level application development using raw data packet protocols. High level ActiveX controls and MSRS (Microsoft Robotics Studio) support are also available for rapid development under Windows OS.

  • Navigation Sensors includes complete set of indoor collision avoidance sensors including 7 IR and 3 sonar sensors. (Laser scanner option is available on request)
  • Comprehensive Circuit Protection includes battery over-charge, battery over-heat, motor over-heat and motor over-load protection.
  • Various Upgrades includes 5 DOF servo arms with gripper, camera on arm, stereo camera head, laser scanner (range finder), multiple cameras and long range RFID reader.
  • High Resolution Pan-Tilt-Zoom (10X) Camera with max 704x480 pixels image, max 30fps, 10X optical zoom and 10x digital zoom and full-duplex two-way (max 32Kbps) streaming audio (full image and audio development API is supplied)
  • 320x240 Color Touch Screen is capable of displaying video, playing audio, and running web applications.
  • Lightweight and Large Payload Capacity Max payload of 15Kg (Optional 40Kg) with body weight under 6Kg.
  • Tele-Operation and Remote Monitoring via Internet through the Dr Robot Remote Client Program.

  • Extended Operating Time 2 hour nominal operation time for each recharging (Sentinel3 with standard accessory and battery pack). Upgrade options: power and battery systems for 6, 12 hours operation time are available.

  • For more detail information, please refer to Sentinel3 User Manual.

  • Sentinel3 Autonomous Navigation

  • 640x320
  • Sentinel3 Auto-Docking and Recharging

  • 640x320
  • Sentinel3 Tele-Operation With Collision Avoidance

  • 640x320

    Packaging Content
  • Containing a power supply voltage requirements of different regions will configure
  • Accessories may have differences with the picture
  • Included Main Modules:
    i90-ME i90 Mechanical Chassis 1
    AV-PTZ-VH Pan-Tilt-Zoom Camera with Two-Way Audio 1
    SG-NAV Indoor Localization (GPS) Sensor with 40 landmarks 1
    AUTO-CHAR12 "Auto-Recharge" Wall Mounted Charger 1
    PDM1950 Color Touch Screen (320x240) 1
    WFS802G WiFi 802.11b/g Wireless Module 2
    PMS5005 Robot Sensing and Motion Controller 1
    MDM5253 DC Motor Driver Module with Position & Current Feedback 1
    DUR5200 Ultrasonic Range Sensor Module 3
    DHM5150 Pyroelectric Human Motion Sensor Module 2
    GP2Y0A21YK Sharp IR Distance Measuring Sensor 7
    MCR3210 RS232 Interface Module 1
    SP-AM-2W 2W Speaker with Amplifier 1
    CCR2150 RS232 Cross-Over Serial Cable 1
    MCA-50 40kg.cm 12V DC Motor with Integrated 800 Count per Cycle Optical Encoder 2
    PMCHR12 Power Management and Recharging System 1
    BPN1238 12V Ni-MH 3800mAh Battery Pack (can be upgraded to 9000mAh -BPN1290) 2
    IOB-160 IO Interface Board 1
    - Joystick 1
    - Tele-operation/Monitoring Software 1
    - 802.11b/g wireless router 1
    Downloadable Document(s):
  •  Sentinel3 User Guide
  •  SDK API Reference Manual
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