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Infrared Remote Controller Module
   - [P/N: MIR5538]

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The MIR5538 Infrared Remote Controller Module has on-board infrared detecting and emitting elements working in the same mode and at the same spectrum as that for TVs, VCRs, audio equipment, air conditioning and other home electronic appliance. The MIR5538s IR detecting element can receive the control signal from a regular IR remote controller and the IR emitting element can send the control signal to appliances named above. The data signals are usually transmitted in modulated waves and there is a Band Pass Filter (BPF) in IR detector to recover them. The BPF center frequency of the MIR5538 is 38 KHz.

  • Infrared signal capturing and transferring
  • 38 KHz BPF frequency
  • Compatible with most infrared-ready household appliances
  • Plug-and-play in the WiRobot system
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