[ P/N: MCR3210P]

RS232 Interface Module with Power Supply Input Connector
   - [P/N: MCR3210P]

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The MCR3210P RS232 Interface Module is a hardware matching interface compatible with standard RS232 electrical specifications. Powered by single 3.3 V power supply, working as the bridge between the TTL logical-level signal and RS232 device, the MCR3210P is capable of transmitting and receiving up to 1 M bits/sec with RTS/CTS handshaking. it has a power supply input connector for using with wireless module at PC side.

  • 1 M bits/sec data rate
  • RTS/CTS handshaking
  • Single 3.3 V power supply
  • 9-Pin D-SUB connector as DTE
  • with a power supply input connector

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