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Audio Codec and Audio Power Amplifier Module
   - [P/N: MAC5310]

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The MAC5310 Audio Codec and Audio Power Amplifier can be used as audio input/output interface in the WiRobot system by directly connecting with the PMB5010 Multimedia Controller board. The on-board codec provides high resolution signal conversion from digital-to-analog (D/A) and from analog-to-digital (A/D) using over-sampling sigma-delta technology. With the on-board audio output power amplifier and the microphone preamp in the codec, the speaker and the microphone can directly be connected to the MAC5310.

  • 16-bit over-sampling sigma-delta A/D, D/A converter
  • Maximum output conversion rate: - 22 ksps with on-chip FIR filter - 88 ksps with FIR bypassed
  • Codec built-in FIR produces 84-db SNR for ADC and 85-db SNR for DAC over 11-kHz BW
  • 2s-complement data format
  • Codec built-in functions including PGA, anti-aliasing analog filter, and operational amplifiers for general-purpose interface (such as MIC interface and hybrid interface)
  • On-board audio output power amplifier can support up to 1.0 W power to the external speaker
  • Plug-and-play in the WiRobot system
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