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Wireless Sensing and Motion System (WiFi 802.11g Wireless Extreme Version)
   - [P/N: DSK8138]

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This electronic combo kit contains all the electronic modules and cable to construct complicate wireless mobile robot such as the WiRobot Mobile System.

The embedded firmware has been pre-loaded and PC software is also included.

Included Main Modules:
PMS5005Robot Sensing and Motion Controller 1
MDM5253DC Motor Driver Module with Position and Current Feedback2
DUR5200Ultrasonic Range Sensor Module6
DHM5150Pyroelectric Human Motion Sensor Module2
DTA5102Tilt/Acceleration Sensor Module1
DAT5280Ambient Temperature Sensor Module1
GP2Y0A21YKSharp IR Distance Measuring Sensor1
WFS802gWiFi 802.11g serial module with antenna1
MCR3210PRS232 Interface Module with power connector1
MIR553838KHz Infrared Remote Controller Module1
DIR553838KHz Infrared Remote Controller1
CCR2150RS232 Cross-over Serial Cable1
MGL5128128x64 Graphic LCD Module1
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