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  H20 Robot

H20 Wireless Networked Autonomous Humanoid Mobile Robot with 12" Display & Dual Arms
   - [P/N: H20]

* The H20 robot available for order now, please contact sales@DrRobot.com for detail
H20 is designed and built on i90 robot base, featuring 12" touch screen Tablet, two large arms (Hawk Arms), dual-camera animated head (Hawk head), indoor GPS navigation system, and auto-docking/recharging station.

  • 12" touch screen Tablet on chest, playing video (.wmv), audio and displaying images
  • Dual arms with 6 joints (DOF) + 2DOF gripper, reaching 60cm (2ft), with max lifting weight of 800g (optional 1kg)
  • 6DOF animated head with dual 640x480 color cameras
  • Overall height of 1.4m; Dimension: 43cm(L) x 38cm(W) x 140cm(H)
  • Navigation and localization providing collision-free point-to-point autonomous navigation
  • Vision-landmark base indoor localization (indoor GPS, position/orientation) sensor and the landmarks together provide precise position and direction information covering every inch of the floor
  • Auto-docking and recharging station
  • Fully wireless networked 802.11g
  • OS independent application development tools
  • Navigation sensors including 5 sonar and 10 IR range sensors
  • Max speed 0.75 m/sec.
  • Comprehensive circuit protection
  • High resolution pan-tilt-zoom (10X) camera
  • Max payload of 40kg (optional 80kg) with body weight of 24kg
  • Tele-operation and remote monitoring
  • Extended operating time. 2 hour nominal operation time for each recharging
  • Upgrade options: Laser Scanner; Power and battery systems for 4, 8 hours operation time are available

3D Mouse Arm Manipulation
              720x480          320x240
Drawing "Cars"
              720x480          320x240
              720x480          320x240
  • Showroom, Tradeshow & Museum as Autonomous Tour Guide/Receptionist Robot
  • Robotic Development Platform for Academic and Research Institutes

  • For more detail information, please contact info@DrRobot.com.
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